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Welcome to Splitting Images Lookalike Agency, home of the largest selection of celebrity lookalikes, famous doubles and professional impersonators in the UK. We have pictures of celebrity lookalikes so you can see the remarkable resemblance that our celebrity lookalikes possess to their counterparts.

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Our comedy celebrity lookalikes are sure to bring that WOW! factor to your corporate event or marketing campaign. Imagine our John Cleese celebrity lookalike greeting the guests at your corporate party, with Manuel the waiter serving canapés! Or how about our Lily Savage lookalike providing a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a marketing promotion.

Invite a legend to your next corporate or marketing event. With Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne attending, that party is bound to get talked about! Or how about our Jack Nicholson celebrity lookalike endorsing your products at a marketing launch party? A celebrity lookalike is guaranteed to lift your corporate event or marketing campaign out of the ordinary.

With help from Splitting Images, you really can have tea with The Queen! Why not go all out and invite the entire Royal Family to dinner? Whatever your corporate requirements, our Royal lookalikes will be only too happy to endorse your company, products or services.

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